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Your amazing, three pound, sneaky brain is where all productivity begins and ends.

Do you find yourself:

  • Frustrated at the end of the day because you never seem to accomplish anything?
  • Powerless to resist the siren call of daily distractions that seem to swallow up your time?
  • Angry that everyone else seems to be able to achieve so much more in their day than you do?

Then you’ve experienced the sneaky brain in action.

The good news is — there is help available!

I’m a productivity expert, speaker and coach who is endlessly fascinated by the functioning of the brain when it comes to motivation, self control and getting things done. Using empirically based systems I’ve developed through education, research and just plain living life, I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome their frustration with procrastination; ramp up their internal motivation and consistently be more productive so that they achieve long desired goals.

I can help you confidently get more done in your day and effortlessly power through distractions so that you can ultimately achieve more in all areas of your life.

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